About Mogo

Meet Paige

The MOGO Story

It all started with rescue animals. I grew up on a horse ranch and my Dad was always rescuing horses from the "auction" house and bringing them home.

The actual idea for MOGO came from my work with rescue horses on a farm in Woodinville, Washington. I was trying to fix horse blankets and had an idea that I could use magnets to replace the worn out velcro. That idea didn't work out so well, BUT... it did lead me to the idea of magnets as charms for a new and different modern charm bracelet!

The name MOGO is in memory of my childhood pony who was rescued and given to me by my father when I was 9 years old. In recognition of my first pony MOGO, and all the wonderful animals in the world, MOGO supports a shelter animal each month, supporting vet care and socialization support until the animal is ready to be adopted.

Our MOGO tagline, "We just click!" is all about the connections MOGO creates. Friends who just click with each other, Moms and Grandmas who click with their Tweens, even Tweens who just click with animals. And, of course, the charms themselves which "just click" to the charmbands.

MOGO says thank you to all the cute kids and animals in the world; you've given us every great idea we"ve ever had! We hope you love MOGO.

Paige Clark

Founder, MOGO Design, Inc.