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  Choose 100% special plastic machinery         companyreasonThe choice of the reputation of electrical appliances                      Six reasons6

1Extensive application areas

Blow molding machine is suitable for the production of 100 Feite pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food, lighting, tools, automotive, chemical, footwear, toys and other industries from 5 ml to 230 ml of various types of plastic hollow products

2Advanced production equipment

100 Feite blow molding machine adopts imported linear guide rail, mold moving speed, good stability; electrical and mechanical interlocking safety device, the safe and reliable operation and maintenance


5Strong technical force

The company has a number of high and medium technical personnel, the integration of advanced technology and concepts at home and abroad, all-round, multi-channel, to meet customer needs

6Standardized production management

Fit 100 continue to introduce advanced production equipment and testing instruments, with a one-stop standardized production line, strict quality requirements, product design is reasonable, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance


3Quality after-sales service

The company has the design, development, production, installation and service of a complete operating system, in a timely manner to provide customers with professional, efficient after-sales service

4Excellent word of mouth effect

One hundred feet of blow molding machine sold at home and abroad, by virtue of honesty, high efficiency, high quality and low price competitive advantage, won the favor of customers


AboutBai Fei special plastic machineryABOUT US


Zhangjiagang hundred fly special plastic Machinery is a R & D, production, sales, customer service as one of the plastic packaging machinery and plastic hollow products manufacturer, located in Zhangjiagang City, the town of Phoenix port 204 of the road. Blow molding machine is suitable for processing 100 fit PE, PP, PVC, PC, PS, PA, PETG, EVA, PAN, PPE, PPO, ABS, POM, TRE, TRV and other plastic hollow containers of different materials, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum products, involving food, lighting, tools, automotive, chemical, shoe, the toy industry. The company has a number of high-level technical personnel, strong technical force, with design, development, production, installation and service of the integrity of the operating system.

Since its inception, we are in line with the principle of good faith management, proactive, bold enough to open up, and fully absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, the collection of the family's director. Advanced production equipment, production management norms, strict quality control, perfect marketing system, the 100 Feite plastics machinery in "quality first, integrity first developed rapidly under the guidance of the spirit".……

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