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Application of BFT series plastic hollow molding machine

Scope of application: it is suitable for producing hollow plastic products from 5 ml to 230 liters.

Applications: we are involved in pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, food, lighting, tools, automobiles, daily chemicals, shoes, toys and other industries.

Material adaptability: blow molding PE, PP, PA, PC, ABS, TPU, PS, EVA, PETG and other raw materials processing, and can provide perfect processing technology.

Plasticizing ability: the extrusion machine is driven by frequency conversion motor, which can realize the requirement of screw speed change in blow molding process. The screw with big slenderness ratio can produce many kinds of materials, strong plasticizing ability, high yield and low energy consumption. The material can be heated by a resistance heating ring, the temperature of the barrel is controlled by a computer, and the temperature is stable and uniform when the heating is rapid. Assemble different mould heads on two or three extruder coextrusion systems, blow the liquid level line or double layer and three layer products.

Adopt imported linear guide rail, double station, quick moving die, good stability.

Hydraulic system: optimize hydraulic circuit design, power saving, quick movement and stability. The hydraulic component is easy to install and maintain, and can be assembled and disassembled.

Electronic control system: the whole machine adopts MITSUBISHI PLC plus machine interface control, with automatic alarm device, reliable work, high degree of automation, can store 40 sets of mold materials.

The machine has three modes of operation: manual, semi automatic and fully automatic.

Safety system: electric, mechanical and interlocking safety devices are adopted to make the operation and maintenance safe and reliable.

Bending die locking: low energy consumption, large clamping force, stable central locking and stable operation.

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