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Blow molding methods for hollow blow molding machines

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Blow molding methods for hollow blow molding machines

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German WEIMA machine company in February 2006, 14-18, Milan plastics show on the two step blow molding equipment of the latest effects, hollow blow molding machine is characterized by primary and secondary two blow molding machine. The equipment is suitable for ABS, PA, PBT, PC, POM, PPA, LCP and other engineering thermoplastic plastic blow molding, especially the enhanced grade glass fiber blowing, the method is to boot large scrap blocks or large volume of residual material.



In the two step hollow blow molding machine, blow molding, blow to data in WLK type consolidation uniaxial blow molding machine is the main pre blow into the size of the 40mm particles, and then use the NZ type blow molding machine is further follow-up time blow become approximately 3 ~ 10mm at the end of the particles, this is the secondary blow on pre blow and extra information description.

In order to prevent blow molding problems, it is necessary to continue to properly feed the crusher, which is generally difficult to ensure by manual operation. Once the feeding excess, the general will cause uneven blow, attack shake, along with episodes of high noise, the result is the accumulation of material or material is being destroyed because of the conflict caused the weakening of heat. In addition, the higher sensitivity of the disturbed data and the higher average blade wear resulting in frequent replacement of the blade are yet to be observed.

In contrast, the two steps of the main blow molding blow molding machine for non feeding, play a buffer effect in the hopper here. In this way, the feed is optimized for the whole production process, because the operators do not have to operate the blow molding machine discontinuously, and then enable it to be busy with other operations.

Through a stop switch, the pre - blown particles are now added to the NZ secondary blow molding. The placement of two blow molding machines can be selected as either one above the other or one after the other. The secondary blow molding machine operates according to the operating principle of the cutting machine and is specially designed for pre - blown particles. Compared with the general type of blow molding machine, blow molding machine, the second generation volume is much smaller, only with less overall driving energy. Because of its uniform feed, to approximate the speed of 450min-1 work, there has been no problem of attack. When such a blow molding machine for blow molding of pre damage is second times when the attack noise level (n=450-500min-1) as compared with the speed of one-step processing is much lower.

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