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What are the methods of plasticization and extrusion for plastic machinery?

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What are the methods of plasticization and extrusion for plastic machinery?

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Blow molding machine in different technical personnel operation, the effect of the product is not the same, this is the same thing in different hands, the value is different. We cannot simply put the machine to the production as behoove, we will understand their work processes in the production process, affect the machine operating conditions all the time, and all kinds of different materials on the performance of the machine configuration, only master the principle we can be called professionals.

Some plastic machinery only for new primary particles, when feeding back more than thirty percent of the proportion of the product ingredients, extrusion amount decreases from twenty percent to thirty percent; when the amount of material in the proportion of more toner ingredients in products, extrusion decreased fifty percent to sixty. Taking into account the extrusion efficiency is too low, long time in such materials, due to the long cycle, so no other function, performance of blow molding machine is good, have seriously affected the production efficiency, resulting in higher production cost. Especially the double blow and blow molding blow molding machine due to the storage of material, such as a long time to feed, it can not fully play its role. Instead of using toner particles in the raw material color effect is better. But for users of blow molding machine, the first is the use of Color Masterbatch particles of high cost, followed by the hollow plastic products varieties, one less, not every product with color instead of toner particles.



To improve the performance of the machine work is to create more benefits for the enterprise, we do for each employee a company should report this idea to treat the work we do is, KARs Ding machinery Zhangjiagang earliest plastic machinery manufacturers to ensure all customers here, as long as our production machinery we not only ensure I will provide professional customer service the technical guidance for the technical guidance of the company so that products play the best performance. Create more value for the enterprise.

These points are summed up by the technology we hope can help to you: we have a few suggestions, due to the use of recycled materials and products containing toner ingredients extrusion ratio leads to low efficiency, seriously affected the production of some products, so manufacturers blow molding machine, blow molding machine, R & D, consider how to improve the material and material containing toner recycled materials and extrusion plasticizing ability to use plastic machinery.

Optimize the flow structure of the nose

Some flow due to the structure of dead angle, easy to make joint line position of the hollow blow molding products low color appearance two long black. Production of primary colors, yellow, milk and other light colored products, the requirements of the production of hollow blow molding products, there is no other coloring, you must clean the head clean. However, washing machine total 12-18 hours, sometimes even longer, which marks the time about the wash washing machine time 2/3, greatly increasing the cost of washing machine for color. If frequent washing machine turn color, it is overwhelmed.

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