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Molding hollow blow molding machine in the operation process should pay attention to what problems?

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Molding hollow blow molding machine in the operation process should pay attention to what problems?

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    Molding hollow blow molding machine in the production operation should master the following seven points of operation:



The first point: hollow blow molding machine in order to reduce the weight drop of the parison, under the allowable conditions, to accelerate parison extrusion rate, reduce the waiting time of the mold. This point should be strictly noted, but also for the future maintenance of the machine to prepare.

The second point: in the production process, in ensuring the product fully cooling premise, as far as possible to shorten the molding cycle. I'm sure you'll think of more ways.

The third point: the expansion pressure should be enough in the operation, the blowing rate is fast as well.

The fourth point: in the process of implementation, to control the extruder temperature, speed and melt P value.

The fifth point: when the machine is in operation, it is necessary to ensure that when the parison is inflated, the exhaust is enough.

The sixth point: operators should be familiar with plastic material processing performance, so as to better use the advantages of the material itself.

The seventh point: the staff should control the wall thickness and quality of parison. It's a technical support and it's important to hold it.

In the normal processing of the blow molding machine, the working procedures are interactive and interdependent. In order to ensure the normal production of the blow molding machine and the quality of the products, it is necessary for the operators to adjust the technological parameters in a timely manner. Here, I hope you will be familiar with the operation of various machines, but also to understand the processing products, materials of various characteristics, in order to better implement the operation process. No problems such as failures.

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